Parenting 101

Families want to know how to live with children.

Any parent in this world knows that there is no end to the advice you will receive regarding parenting and child rearing. In fact, anyone with an opinion will be willing to offer it! Any time a child acts out people’s minds are going “Why don’t they do this/that? Don’t they know… They should be… That’s not…” and many other similar things.

What we need is a true understanding of parent-child relationship and accurate instruction to guide us through the societal maze of misinformation. And that brings us to the Bible which is the only reliable book on parenting. We discover when we open the Bible not simply “10 tips for dealing with temper tantrums” or “5 ways to raise good kids” (as helpful as some of those things can be). The Bible starts right back at the basic bedrock foundational parent-child dynamics. It presents to us both the dignity of the child and it also presents to us the depravity of our children.

  • What is it that makes children so special?
  • What quality do they possess that makes them so precious and valuable, not just to us, but also in the very sight of God?
  • How are we to understand how to be a parent?
  • And what does it even mean to be a “good parent”?

What God’s word has to say about parenting is completely opposite to what the world has to say about how to be a parent.

Turn your Bible to the very beginning in Genesis chapter 1 and listen as we ask these questions and learn what God has to say to us about children and parenting.

“Parenting 101” by Glenn C. Stewart Jr.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash