Understanding Meekness

In the Christian life, the Bible likens our life to being like a race being run as a follower of Jesus Christ. And to run the race effectively, to “win”, you have to understand the rules.

We have already started looking at the Sermon on the Mount in the first part of this teaching series called “Kingdom Living”. The sermon give us the rules for living life in the kingdom of God. And this life is very different, extremely different, radically different than the normal, natural, way we live.

Jesus’s teachings are very counter-cultural! Life in His kingdom, life under His rule, and life under His authority is very different in it’s approach, in its attitudes, in its actions, and in its outcomes than your normal everyday life.

We who are followers of Jesus Christ are participants in the kingdom of God. We live now, right now, under the authority of Jesus Christ and we look forward to the fullness of the kingdom, the consummation of the kingdom, and the completion of the kingdom when Jesus comes again.

Remember that God’s kingdom is already, but not yet.

So we are supposed to live by kingdom rules now to show what life lived under the reign of God is like. We are supposed to show what it is to do the will of God on earth as it is done in heaven. People are supposed to look at us, followers of Jesus Christ, and say “Now THAT is the way you are supposed to live!”

In one aspect of kingdom living, Jesus, in His sermon on the mount in Matthew chapter 5, says this,

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”

Matthew 5:5 (English Standard Version, ESV)

What does Jesus mean when He says “meek”?
What is meekness? Because it sounds like “weakness”.
What does it mean, from a biblical perspective?

Keep all of this in mind as we continue the next part of this teaching series, “Kingdom Living”.

“Understanding Meekness” by Glenn C. Stewart Jr.

Photo by Tobias Keller on Unsplash